Oberg Freight Company


A Midwest carrier located in Fort Dodge, Iowa since 1984 Oberg Freight Company remains a family atmosphere. Meet our team of dedicated staff.




corporate staff with dog and truck



Corporate staff in front of Oberg Freight sign


Safety and Recruiting staff

Corporate staff in front of truck



Title- Emotional Support Engineer

Education- Bachelors from Nueman K9 Academy  Hugo, MN

Start age- 3 months and currently 7 years

Favorite Hobbies- Chasing the ball in the yard. Watching the chipmunks and squirrels and chasing them. Going for walks. Visits to the bank and Culvers and Dunkin for treats.

Favorite Toys- Chuck it ball and big yellow squeaky ball

Favorite Foods- popcorn, ice and basically everything else.

Dislikes- Confrontation, small dogs that think they are bossy, being ignored

Shay has a very good work ethic. She arrives on time and ready to help anyone who may need her. She helps calm frustrations by showing up for you to pet her when she feels you are having a hard moment. If you drop a snack she is there to pick it up no questions asked. She is even willing to clean out your purse of any unwanted food items should you leave it open and unattended on the floor. Shay gets along well with all of her co-workers and is sure to say good morning and hello to everyone. Shay brings a smile to all of our faces daily. Shay is also not afraid to tell you to calm down or back off or if your wrong and that you should pet her immediately. Do not under estimate Shays kindness, she will not tolerate anyone being mean or threatening in any way.

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